Kayaking on a freshwater Loch


It was the day after I had attended the *Shetland Physiotherapy Health Promotion (link to the previous blog) that I had the opportunity to go kayaking with a friend.  (*Activity box ticked!)  We headed to a fresh water loch not far away in Northmavine, Shetland.  It was about 8pm in the evening and still plenty of 🌞 light to set up and explore.  

The next two days the weather forecast wasn’t good, so it was a case of ‘get out there’ and ‘do it’ before I change my mind  

The last time I did any kayaking was about ten years ago.  I was put into the deep end and learnt to capsize after repeatedly going down a small reservoir waterfall.  


It was fun but I wasn’t very good at it and one capsize was tricky and it put me off learning more.  Apparently it is a skill to keep practicing but I lost interest.  I prefer to just paddle and enjoy the views.  


Thankfully there are many kinds of kayaks.  Kayaks hired out to tourists are much bigger and easier to get in without even getting your feet wet!  This was my experience of kayaking on Lake Windermere in the beautiful Peak District a few years back.  If you have a safety jacket on kayaking is a fun way to explore lakes, lochs and river inlets.  In terms of sea adventures it requires a bit more safety gear.  

Kayaking on a freshwater Loch

The first task to kayaking on the loch was inflating the K2 explorer 2 person kayak and the inflatable seats with a foot pump.  



A simple procedure inflat two sides and the end pieces.  The separate seats are inflated then Velcro and strapped into place once kayak is all inflated.  The paddles are easy to assemble and, lastly our safety jackets.  All set to explore!

When I first heard about an inflatable kayak I was thinking it be filmsy.  It wasn’t it is very robust and simple to inflate and deflate.  I felt safe too due to the design of the K2 explorer


The first place we paddled was over some reeds.  These reeds looked like they were going to bloom little white flowers.  I am still researching trying to figure out what they are called.  Update soon.


The loch we visited is the size of two football pitches.  It is popular for anglers and a good place to practice kayaking.  It wasn’t that deep perhaps a couple of metres with many reeds and some fish that pop up above the water at times.  As we paddled over the other side there are many croft ruins.  You could see that the area was once depended on the loch and the sea which is about a mile away.   We stayed out for about 2 hours in total and then took some photos around the loch.  

  • Photographs using mono and light filters – iPhoneSE 


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