Shetland Physiotherapy Health Promotion

  • * Love Activity Hate Exercise * 

On the evening of July, the 18th I attended an event hosted by Ms Kay Leask at 31 King Harald Street, Lerwick, Shetland, ZE1 0EQ.  


* Tips for getting started *

  1.  Find something you enjoy.  So that you’ll keep going.

  2.  Set goals for yourself – big or small – to keep you motivated.

  3.  Pace yourself – start slowly and gradually build up

  4.  It’s ok to ache but if pain persists ease back and go slower.

  5.  Need more motivation and support?  Find someone  to join you!

* Love Activity, Hate Exercise Talk *

Kay first explained:

This promotion is to encourage people to become and stay more active to improve their mental and physical health.  At her talk Kay explained how some people go off exercises but, if you mention activity then people are more willing to give it a try 

Kay covered topics on the importance of cardiovascular (get the heart pumping daily), posture, osteoporosis, loneliness and dancing.   Listening to your favourite music helps activities along too.  I hate certain exercises like boring stretches and need music to keep me going somtimes.

* F.I.T.T  Principal *

F = Frequency

I = Intensity

T = Time

T = Type

  • * F.I.T.T *- principal is an activity you enjoy with realistic plans and goals with targets.

  • Even 10 to 30 minute brisk activity like walking to the shop instead of using the car.  If you have steps do a step workout with dumbells for the upper body.

  • Cutting the grass, cycling, small trampoline and static bikes.  These are a few suggestions but doing 150 minutes is the goal per week to help benefit your general health.

  • Activities we enjoy helps us keep fit and sleep better too!   

* Free Events *

Over the next few months Shetland Physiotherapy will be having FREE events to talk to small groups and individuals about ways to * Overcome Barriers to Fitness *

  • People with long-term health conditions such as Arthritis, ME, Neurological problems, Diabetes, Lung conditions, Cancer, Mental Health conditions, Fibromyalgia and conditions that cause pain.  

  • People with fatigue, low morale, low confidence these can have a damaging impact on people and Kay can help you take steps to becoming fitter and improving your health.  

If this type of problem affects you, a member of your family or a friend please accept this invitation to contact through the contacts shown.

  • Arrange a FREE Consultation

  • Join in one of her keep fit classes

If you feel Shetland Physiotherapy can help you then book appointment:


Phone or Text:    07788572237

Hours:    Flexible Opening Times


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