WordPress App on the go


This link was written using the WordPress App’.  


You’ll notice it is shorter 

The main features of  WordPress App features are:

  • ‘Post on the Go’ – for obvious reasons you can check on mobile when out and about like a cafe.

  • ‘Stats’ – a peek at your blog statistics.  It is handy to see what works and what doesn’t and, to see where your viewers are coming from like pin interest or other social media links.  A world map shows where your readers come from and what they are reading too.

  • ‘Push Notifications’ – Quote – ‘Keep up with your site’s activity, even when away from your desk. Check your notifications to keep conversations flowing with your followers.  Engage with the community you’ve built — with just a touch on your screen’ – ok, er I dunno not tried this feature as yet!

  • ‘Jetpack Integration’ – a feature for those that are self-hosted with a Jetpack-powered site, like a lifestyle blogger.  Quote – ‘A feature to help publish posts and connect with readers from your device of choice.

  • ‘Reader’a favourite of mine with blogging are reading other blogs that I follow. It is an immediate direct link to read. Handy to use if you know when folks are consistent or not.

  •  https://apps.wordpress.com/mobile/

  • https://wordpress.org/mobile/

The only feature missing for me are uploading pictures on the go. Unlike Instagram, Twitter and FaceBook it is immediate.  To get photos or images uploaded I do it through my laptop computer only.   To change the pixels on each photo is time consuming.  Apart from that I am a WordPress app convert. 



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