Simple Berry-tastic Smoothie

In this smoothie recipe I love to sweeten by using condensed milk.  My parents always stocked this especially in the winter months in Scotland. Fresh milk wasn’t always available due to severe wintery conditions. Today it is still my firm favourite over powdered milk.  The alternatives are flexible depending on your own choice be it fresh cow’s milk, semi-skinned or soya milk if your wanting plant based products only.  


‘Simple Berry-tastic Smoothie’

1.   Handful of Frozen or Fresh Raspberries or Blackberries


2.  Handful of Fresh or Frozen Blueberries or other berries of choice like cranberries

3.  (1 to 2 pints) milk of your choice or like me 1 tin of Condense Milk (397g) 

4.  Add 400g (1 tin) of Coconut milk or 200g of creamed coconut with added crushed ice, water or milk ( I add extra cold milk or sometimes crushed ice)


 5.  Using a blender (mine is an old model Kenwood New York Smoothie).   Simply blend to a smooth texture.

Make sure you crush the ice before hand some blenders do break with larger lumps of ice!  Bash with a rolling pin in a freezer bag or use an ice-crusher.  

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Pour & Enjoy your Berry-tastic Smoothie!  


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