Unfinished Crafts & Grief

‘Mend or Make’

In the last month I have been spring cleaning.  There are numerous unfinished craft pieces I need to bin, mend or make.  Then grief came for a visit…

It isn’t an easy process decluttering any household items and more so with specific craft pieces.  So far the process of decluttering has a purpose on an emotional level too like grieving.  The illustrated image I found on pixabay by John Hain encapsulates the grieving process perfectly.  

I loss both parents to cancer as recently as 2016 and a beloved cat last June.  It is still raw and sometimes all you can do is grieve.  The grieving process recently came from decluttering my crafts and some pieces triggered my memories.  It is unexpected and the best thing I can do personally is to go with it.  Simply cry or I hand write out my immediate thoughts onto paper.  It is very healing and cathartic to do so.  


Thoughts written down somehow gives a release of emotions that spoken words can’t convey

Writing this blog piece wasn’t easy!  It edited so many times but I have perservered.  

‘Let go! your not a robot!’

Losing your parents are the tough ones and equally pets too.  Both is a double whammy of grief.  Last year while waiting in an airport lounge I came across an old co-worker who chatted about losing her husband.   It took her three months to really acknowledge her lost.  Like many she poured herself into her work with no days off.  Of course it lead her to nearly breakdown so on advide took some time off to grieve.  She found doing very long walks in all kinds of wild weather helped her to come to terms with her lost.  It was the best thing to do in her opinion to let go, cry and mourn.     

Some folks from what I have witnessed are like robots they become like workaholic machines.  It usually occurs without them noticing.  They keep them selves busy in order to stop any emotional release.  They don’t see the importance of remembering and reflection.  Verbally saying things like “its over they gone”, or “I am over the worst”, or “don’t talk about it concentrate on the present”.  I disagree and yes it is in the past don’t dwell too much but remember yes.  Never forget the impact they had on your life.      

Grieving has a place and it is good to remember all those that were close to your heart

One example of grief I have recently gone through was not finishing a little crochet cat blanket I was creating a few years ago.  After ackwoledging my feelings the blanket is nearly finished and I feel at last that is one craft near completion.  


I shall keep it in case I get another cat in the future.  Life does go on.     

‘Crafts are awesome!’

 Crafts and hobbies have a place to help relax and unwind the mind


I know grief has a pattern too.  It passes.  It is an important thread in the fabric of life.  It is natural we can’t do everything we want to do but to forsaking hobbies is never a good thing!  It is part of self caring, socialising, sharing and learning new skills.  When time and energy permits I endeavour to spend time mending and hopefully knit a groovy jumper I have my eye on.

Time is precious but time to yourself and engage in a hobby is in my opinion essential to your wellbeing be it crochet, baking, writing and so on…





14 thoughts on “Unfinished Crafts & Grief

  1. Elaine Valerie

    So sorry to read about your loss. You are so right: so many people become workaholics and try to distract themselves with whatever, but this is no solution. I know that, because I’ve been there, too. The tips you share in your article are wonderful!
    I wish you lots of strength and all the best for the future!

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  2. I’m so sorry that you are having to deal with so much grief at the same time. Your post resonantes immensely with my own dealings with losing both parents, even 11 and 13 years on there are moments where a wave of grief just over takes me. In fact recently whilst listening to a Within Temptation cd in the car and singing my lungs out I just started to cry, not because my parents listened to the same music but because I remember singing power ballads with my Mum and boom it hit me. I totally agree with continuing with our hobbies, I’d be lost without them and in a way it keeps me grounded, stops any anger or bitterness coming in.

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  3. I’m sorry about your loss. I love the way you handled and coped with grief. It is very important to allow ourselves to feel and process our emotions by writing them out. It is also healthy to gradually go back to doing hobbies we enjoy. So we can naturally heal ourselves. By the way, the crocheted blanket you made is beautiful. Stay strong and inspiring.

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  4. Shannon

    I’m so sorry for your loses. I understand the grief connection. Since my miscarriage, I’ve had a hard time decluttering baby things. Hugs. X.

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  5. Grief exists where love lives first. I was and still is a grieving mom. I’ve waited for my daughter for 11 years and finally ahe came, she taught me how to truly love, how to bw complete, and how to be truly happy. Then… She was gone without any sign that she will be leaving us. 3 weeks before I could finally hold her, kiss her and protect her. It was the most agonizing feeling ever. Loosing a child is a pain no one could understand unless they went through the same. Grief is another name for love, and it shouldn’t be avoided.


    1. This is unbelievable painful and I don’t know what to say but greatly sorry for your lost. Thank you for sharing and I agree grief shouldn’t be avoided it needs time to accept the necessary emotions and then you can get on with present life. Keep well.


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