Love from Shetland – NEW location

‘Love from Shetland’ are a small business that produces handmade soaps and bath products with their own goats milk and a variety of oils.  The cosy new shop smells and looks great too!

 Please read the following:


‘New Location on Commercial Street’

On 28th of April ‘Love from Shetland’ re-opened their doors to customers this time at the other end of the main Commercial Street, Lerwick, Shetland.  They moved location from opposite the Queens Hotel to opposite Harry’s department store.  When I arranged to meet up with Esther Jarmson and chat about her skin products I didn’t realise it was their first day opening.  I remember it was a gorgeous sunny Saturday afternoon and from observation the atmosphere was buzzing with delighted customers young and old.  


The excitement gathered pace in the shop when the arrival of three week baby goat triplets Edwina, Flora & Daisy!


‘Connor the Goat’

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Connor is well known in the Shetland community in helping raise money for the local RNLI lifeboat.  A great worth while cause:



‘Product Information’

The first piece of information I read on ‘Love from Shetland’ was that all their soap products, quote:

go through rigorous cosmetic safety assessments to ensure that they are all lovely and safe for you to use

Their information leaflet also explains that they use no palm oil, parabens or nasty sis’s.   You’ll need to google what they all mean!  All products are made by hand by milking their goats and using up to 7 to 10 different oils in them.  

Esther goat milk soap creation is her own unique recipe.  There are no other soap products like it globally

love-from-shetland-gift-boxes- legoponics-blog
Gift Boxes

Visit ‘Love from Shetland’ SHOP for a variety of great gift ideas: 


‘Popular by Demand’

The ‘Love from Shetland’ products are very popular with cruise ships, visiting tourists and locals.  The new shop is even more visible now that they have relocated.  In terms of the local community Esther runs workshops with local children and helps them make their own bath bombs.  As a bonus they get to cuddle the goats too!  

A fun and rewarding day at school I would say!

Keep a look out for ‘Love from Shetland’ EVENTS page:


‘Soap Products’

The first soap products I was shown was the ‘Blackcurrant Seed Oil’ and ‘Marula Oil’ soaps as seen in the following slideshow:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The blackcurrant has been exceptionally good with a variety of skin conditions and is recommended by their customers.  See their positive REVIEWS on their ‘Love from Shetland’ facebook page:


The marula is a really moisturizing soap it is packed full of antioxidants that rid the skin of aging.  The only product I have used is the marula oil soap.  I recieved it as a gift last year on my birthday.  All I remember is that it lasted for ages and it is great on your skin.  

The Hand Felted soap range is explained by the following photo:


These soaps can be left in their felted pockets and used like a sponge. All the ‘Love from Shetland’ soaps are best used with a wooden soap dish with holes in it so as to air out and reuse.  These wooden dishes are sold seperately.  In the following photo is the hand made ‘oo’ gift bags.  Each ‘oo’ bag is felted by hand using Shetland wool.  They are all made by Esther mother Esme who was there to greet me when I first arrrived.  


The Shetland word ‘oo’ means ‘wool’ 

‘Bath Bombs Products’  


Lastly, the ‘Love from Shetland’ bath bomb products.  These are a firm favourite of mine.  They look great on display in their various baskets around the rustic looking shop.  They make great gifts too! 

Bath Bombs contain bicarbonate soda; citric acid; goats milk powder; avocado oil; jojoba oil; strawberry; clementine; prosecco; white lily; ginseng; blueberry and parma violet to name but a few…

To contact ‘Love from Shetland’


FaceBook page:  https://www.facebook.com/lovefromshetland/

Call 01595 697326 

EMAIL lovefromshetland@gmail.com









Featured Pandere-shoes-for-unique-soles

Pandere Shoes for Unique Soles

‘Pandere Kickstarter Campaign’

Three women entrepreneurs have started a unique shoe business called Pandere.  When I read about Pandere shoes I was only too happy to blog about their Kickstarter campaign.  I encourage you to visit here:


‘The Three Founders of PANDERE SHOES’


The three founders from left to right are Celia Crossett, Laura Oden and Ayla Rogers.  Pandere’s founder Laura Oden has *lymphedema (*lymphoedema -uk) for over forty years.  A fellow lymphie!  Laura observed a gap in the market and along with her founders came up with one of their following patents:  


This patent design expands 1.5 sizes in width and volume, giving more comfort.  Laura observed there are millions of people globally that have swelling limbs and feet due to a variety of medical conditions. They are mainly edema (chronic oedema), diabetes, pregnancy, arthritis and a host of other conditions that can affect one or both feet to swell. 

 We believe at Pandere shoes will restore dignity, comfort and mobility to people with hard-to-fit feet

Like Laura, myself and millions of individuals that have problems with lower limb swelling buying suitable footwear isn’t always easy.  

That stress of finding suitable footwear is taken away and replaced I believe by the PANDERE shoes 

In terms of my personal experience I know from working in the summer months I need to change my shoes as my limb would expand with higher temperatures.  That means two different shoe sizes to cater for one limb.  A PANDERE shoe would expand for me and my needs and, therefore a great product to purchase!    


That is the aim of Pandere shoe to put the wearer first and to help give a more stylish look as well as keep you on your happy feet longer! 

‘Pandere Aims and Future Plans’

The aim of this campaign are to raise funding for more expansion.  So far the shoes are aimed at women only but they have future plans to expand in order to cater for other genders and age groups.  That is what attracted me to Pandere shoes because I like millions of individuals worldwide need suitable shoes to live.  To order or show your support press link here:


 Only available on KICKSTARTER press link for more information:


Images from Pandere & Pixabay.com

Tripidio Flow

‘Tripudio Flow DVD Review’ 

In the latest Spring issue of Lymphoedema Support Network (LSN) I read up about Tripudio:


I have never heard of Tripudio so I was curious and thought it be a great addition to my blog

In late April I contacted Julia Williams the Co-founder to ask if I could do a review?   She kindly sent me her DVD to watch and information so as I could review on a week to week basis.   


Julia facilitates the teaching of Tripudio Movement Systems (TMS) across the United Kingdom.  My review starts as of tomorrow and I shall update on a week to week basis of my progression.  

Week 1


The Cellulitis Bubble

‘Bank Holiday Bubble’

My bank holiday started by dreaming of a bank funnily enough.  It was like the one in the Harry Potter film all fortified and filled up with greedy looking miser elf’s.  I kind of went in and blew it up with lots of bombs.  Then I woke up and realised I was coming down with a cold. Strange dreams are caused by fevers and that was one of them!  Now I am on the mend and back to blogging on the tail end of this sunny or rainy (depending where you are) bank holiday weekend.  

As I started to write this blog this morning I noticed the prompt word from somewhere on WordPress was ‘bubble’.  Hence notice the overall theme is bubbles.  Anyway, I wrote out 300 plus words then decided to delete it as it was purely cathartic.  It was pure crap for a good reason.  I wrote again another 400 words and when it came to publish the opportunity had closed.  Mmh, well it is maybe not meant to be perhaps another time…     

‘The Cellulitis Bubble’

The one thing I can publish today was the toxic bubble of cellulitis I endured over four precarious days.  

I started to recover slowly but my lymphoedema leg became like a celestial map of red hot drawf planets. I could have played a galactical spot-to-spot game. 

To be honest I was out of it with the fever and then the medication gave me side effects I didn’t anticipate…

What is it?


Day 1 & 2  I thought I had caught a cold.  This was my first time and hopefully the last.  The chills are the worst!

From my own experience the first thing about having cellulitis is that I wasn’t fully aware I had it for the first twelve hours.  Initially I went to bed feeling the chills last Thursday night.  A series of strange dreams as mentioned before and then I woke up with a higher temperature and feeling nausea on Friday morning.  It felt like flu, but it was different.  The whole day of Friday was a wash out and I couldn’t do very much.   Then when I saw my red hot spotty lymphoedema leg around 4.40pm I immediately called for a prescription.  The chemist shut at 5pm and it was the weekend the next day!  I wasn’t in a fit state to go anywhere.  However, my partner retrieved my meds in time and I was so glad he did it!   I knew if he didn’t it would require a sixty mile round trip to the local hospital and that wasn’t where I wanted to be on that day.  The cellulitis symtoms of chills, nausea and high temperature are horrible.  I just wished I knew earlier in the day but I felt no cellulitis pain that came the next day…


Day 3 & 4 Pain and then some more pain

On Saturday morning I stood up and it felt weird and uncomfortable.  I had to use my walking stick to get about.  My lymphoedema leg was very warm and it was more swollen than usual.  It felt like my leg was filled up with warm to hot potatoes with needles sticking out when I stood up.  It felt heavy, hot but as soon as I was horizontal all the pain went.  On all four days I never put on any compression garments as advised by Lymphoedema literature I had to hand.  

In this bubble of convalescent I pondered and chatted by text to a friend about the causes.  I knew I skimp on mosturising a little and all my compression garments were clean.  I was mystified why it occured. Then it was an eureka moment and I told my friend why it occured the way it did.  I shall come back to this in another blog in the future for now it is not important to mention.   

On Saturday night my sleep was very poor and I woke up my partner many times as I ran to the bathroom trying to vomit up but nothing ever came.  It was the antibiotics they can play havoc with your stomach lining.

On Sunday morning I felt like my stomach had been in a boxing ring. My partner looked like he hadn’t slept (he hadn’t) and he slowly went off to work not noticing he had put on a dirty jumper.  A slow-mo of a morning.  The only thing I did notice that morning was that I was wearing the same colour as to what I was eating.  A splash of yellow and a healthy bowl full of bananas, honey and natural yogurt.  I may have look like a ray of sunshine but I felt like I had been sucked into a black hole and spat out again.   

In conclusion my friend said I have now officially made it into the cellulitis club!  Oh, sweet Jesus.  


Unfinished Crafts & Grief

‘Mend or Make’

In the last month I have been spring cleaning.  There are numerous unfinished craft pieces I need to bin, mend or make.  Then grief came for a visit…

It isn’t an easy process decluttering any household items and more so with specific craft pieces.  So far the process of decluttering has a purpose on an emotional level too like grieving.  The illustrated image I found on pixabay by John Hain encapsulates the grieving process perfectly.  

 I loss both parents to cancer as recently as 2016 and a beloved cat last June.  It is still raw and sometimes all you can do is grieve.  The grieving process recently came from decluttering my crafts and some pieces triggered my memories.  It is unexpected and the best thing I can do personally is to go with it.  Simply cry or I hand write out my immediate thoughts onto paper.  It is very healing and cathartic to do so.  


Thoughts written down somehow gives a release of emotions that spoken words can’t convey

Writing this blog piece wasn’t easy!  It edited so many times but I have perservered.  

‘Let go! your not a robot!’

Losing your parents are the tough ones and equally pets too.  Both is a double whammy of grief.  Last year while waiting in an airport lounge I came across an old co-worker who chatted about losing her husband.   It took her three months to really acknowledge her lost.  Like many she poured herself into her work with no days off.  Of course it lead her to nearly breakdown so on advide took some time off to grieve.  She found doing very long walks in all kinds of wild weather helped her to come to terms with her lost.  It was the best thing to do in her opinion to let go, cry and mourn.     

Some folks from what I have witnessed are like robots they become like workaholic machines.  It usually occurs without them noticing.  They keep them selves busy in order to stop any emotional release.  They don’t see the importance of remembering and reflection.  Verbally saying things like “its over they gone”, or “I am over the worst”, or “don’t talk about it concentrate on the present”.  I disagree and yes it is in the past don’t dwell too much but remember yes.  Never forget the impact they had on your life.      

Grieving has a place and it is good to remember all those that were close to your heart

One example of grief I have recently gone through was not finishing a little crochet cat blanket I was creating a few years ago.  After ackwoledging my feelings the blanket is nearly finished and I feel at last that is one craft near completion.  


I shall keep it in case I get another cat in the future.  Life does go on.     

‘Crafts are awesome!’

 Crafts and hobbies have a place to help relax and unwind the mind


I know grief has a pattern too.  It passes.  It is an important thread in the fabric of life.  It is natural we can’t do everything we want to do but to forsaking hobbies is never a good thing!  It is part of self caring, socialising, sharing and learning new skills.  When time and energy permits I endeavour to spend time mending and hopefully knit a groovy jumper I have my eye on.

Time is precious but time to yourself and engage in a hobby is in my opinion essential to your wellbeing be it crochet, baking, writing and so on…

 All images see welcome page

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The Awesome Theraband

Wellbeing Tip #1 – ‘Dry Brushing’ & ‘Gravity is your friend’ – see blog link:


Wellbeing Tip #2 – ‘Theraband – Resistance Exercise’

A theraband are latex bands or tubes that are used for physical therapy and light strength training exercises.  They are also commonly used by athletes but also people who are looking for a low-impact strength training workout


Since mid-February I have used this method of resistance exercise to help with a tennis elbow and strengthening the lower leg calf muscles.   The tennis elbow is mending slowly and the reason for the lower calf exercises are to help avoid limping.  Any limping isn’t good for the posture in the long term.   

My long term goal is to walk more effectively despite my lymphoedema in my whole leg  

my-legoponics & life-tinkin 

I have lived with lymphoedema for four years now and the important thing is to do something active every day.  The purpose being to improve on flexibility and mobility and for me to get from A to B without using a walking stick.  All exercise helps lift your mood too.    

G R E A T   F O R   U P P E R   L I M B   E X E R C I S E S 


L O W E R  C A L F – E X E R C I S E S  


I bought a couple of therabands online as suggested by my physiotherapist.  These therabands are simple to use and very effective to help strengthen muscles and to help lose weight too.   

Pin Interest board for specific usage of the Theraband


This is a great wellbeing tip for all types of individuals to do at home.  A gentle way to help tone, lose weight and strengthen your core and limbs effectively.  Pilates greatly use this method of resistance exercise.    

‘Happy Feet’

On a personal level the theraband resistance exercises have helped with a specific problem caused by wearing open toed compression stockings.  The next picture you can see the difference between open and closed compression garments.


The opened toes are a long term favourite of mine as they are great to wear with sandals in the summer time.  However, personally speaking the open toe garments can help build up lymph fluid directly under the toes making it uncomfortable to walk about.  In seeing a qualified physiotherapist my woes were gone in one day!     

I was amazed that a simple calf exercise made a dramatic difference and very quickly too!  I went from limping to walking normally (as i can) in one day!  

I still get bad days where I can’t walk far but I am improving as the theraband exercises increase.  I am very grateful to my current physiotherapist based in Lerwick, Shetland.   Her service has helped me regain my confidence to be more mobile and to have use of my arm too. All images see Welcome to…page. 

Thank you for reading (:




Super Easy Summer Berry Muffins

Homemade muffins are one of my favourite snacks to bake.  In terms of my cooking abilities I always prefer to bake.  I love the whole process from start to finish.  

These muffins are sooooo easy to make and freeze for a rainy day 



I own a first edition given by a friend several years ago.  There is now a fourth edition you can order from Amazon. 

4th Edition here http://themuffinbook.uk/muffins/fourth-edition-features.html

I am due to update myself. I recommend these muffin recipes as they are so easy and quick!


‘Summer Berry Muffins’

10oz (280 g) plain flour

3 teaspoon (15ml) baking soda

Half teaspoon (2.5 ml) salt

4-5 oz (110-or less) white sugar (adjust to taste, depending on fruit)

1 egg

9 fl oz (260 ml) milk

3 fl oz (90 ml) corn oil or 3 oz (85 g) butter or margarine, melted

5-6 oz (140-170 g) summer fruit (any ‘berries’ either alone or in combination; blueberries; raspberries; blackberries; strawberries; redcurrants; blackcurrants; cherries and so on…), fresh or frozen – do not thaw frozen berries, larger-sized berries should be cut up

Eating frozen berries are a good snack too!  There is something healthy about eating it.  It tastes clean on the palate and it is crisp and tasty.  Buying frozen fruit is a must in my household.  They are healthy fruit fix!

  1. Prepare muffin tin or silicone. Preheat oven to 375-400˚F (200˚C)


  2. In a large bowl, sift together (or stir well with a fork) flour, baking soda and salt.  Stir in sugar.  Make a well in centre and set aside.

  3.   In a separate bowl, beat egg with a fork. Stir in milk and oil (or melted butter/margarine)

  4.   Cut larger pieces of frozen fruit into smaller pieces

  5. Pour all of the wet ingredients into dry. Stir just until combined. Gently fold in the berries at the end, using only 2-3 strokes.


  6. Spoon immediately into muffins cases.  Makes 12 standard size muffins.  Bake for 20 to 25 minutes tops.  Frozen fruit will require an extra 4-5 minutes.  Muffins are done when tops are lightly browned.  I use a skewer to test they are cooked through the middle and not still raw inside.  They are usually bake perfectly in 25 minutes.  Cool on a wire rack and ready to eat after cooling or pop into the freezer to eat as a breakfast muffin or afternoon snack.   




Yasp on Da Waterfront

YASPlogo is a Shetland dialect word meaning lively and full of wellbeing

YASP is a new private physiotherapy clinic that opened in November 2017.  The location is on the picturesque waterfront of Scalloway harbour, Shetland.  The entrance to YASP is on the left side of the youth centre building.  https://yasp.scot/  

  • Opening times  – Tuesday to Friday and late night Thursday

YASPlogo Ethos is to put the patient first and aim to improve your physical health and quality of life, to make you YASP as as you can be!


YASPlogoTeam Members

In brief Margaret Gear MSc, MCSP is the practice principal.  She specialises in neurology (MS or stroke) and rehabilitation.  Paula BSc (Hons), MAACP, MCSP specialises in pain relief and acupuncture. Catherine BSc (Hons), MCSP specialises in hand wrist and arm therapy and in muscle and joint problems.  Judith Nisbet has a wealth of health care administration and assists with exercise classes.  For specific detail of each team member please visit the weblink herehttps://yasp.scot/about-us/


YASPlogo Physiotherapy Clinic

Earlier this week I met with Margaret to chat about the new premises of YASP.  Margaret first gave me a guided tour around the two main physiotherapy treatment rooms.  Both rooms are purpose built and in one room it has a skylight and slanting roof.  I found both rooms equally spacious, well-lit and modern.  


In Margarets treatment room there are two doors.  The second door leads directly into the gymhall of the youth centre.  Upon entrance to the gymhall my eyes were drawn down to the well-polished floor with the usual game hall floor markings.  As I looked up on the opposite wall facing us there is a colourful wall mural I assume was created by the youth centre.  The gym hall is square in shape with high up windows that overlooked the harbour front.  Margaret explained that YASP hire the hall twice a week to conduct exercise classes for the wider community.

YASPlogoServices to the wider community 

Here is a list of what YASP offer;

  • 60 plus clubis an established free class availiable every Wednesday afternoon from 2pm to 4pm 

  • Over 50’s class by popular demand YASPare now running this class every Tuesday from 10.30am 

  • An Escape Pain class is for people with knee or hip pain.  Combined with gentle and individualized exercise.  See YASPContacts below.

YASPlogoSpecialist Classes and Neurological conditions

  • Individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s disease or strokecan access exercise classes at Clickimin Leisure Complexhttps://www.srt.org.uk/health-fitness   If you are having a health problem that makes it difficult for you to exercise at the Clickimin centre at YASPthey can plan to offer classes that cater specifically for your needs.

  • Core 3 Exercise Classes are now running specifically for people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  The classes comprise of floor exercise followed by a break with cooled water, and finishing with a circuit designed to improve balance, strength, mobility and fitness.  Seated exercise is available as an alternative to floor work for those unable to get down to the floor.  There is a free four page booklet with YASP patient testimonies and more information on new treatments specific to(MS).  Cost is £3.00 booked in advance or £4.00 to drop in.   https://yasp.scot/exercise-for-ms/

  • ‘Mighty Moves’ is a Parkinson’s Fitness and Wellbeing Project It started on the 5th of April and runs until July 2018.  Margaret was keen to point out in the 1st YASP Spring 2018 newsletterthere is an opportunity for those living with Parkinson’s disease to participate in a new free class!  If you know of anyone in Shetland that has Parkinson’s do get in touch with YASP.    There are two available spaces.  The classes are free as funded until July.  


  • Most patients who receive acupuncture have up to six treatmentswith either Paula Wishart or Margaret Gear.  Top up sessions are available. 

  • The effects of acupuncture treatment are cumulative.  Some may feel immediate relief of their symptoms whilst others may see a gradual improvement.   It does not work for everyone.  

  • Acupuncture is safe when carried out by a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (MCSP) because of the strict hygiene guidelines that must be adhered to and the training courses and educational updates that are required. 

  • Acupuncture-Yasp-legoponics-blog

At YASPlogo we concentrate usually on movement, pain and your physical functioning.  We ask questions what are your expectations?  to help improve their quality of life and we negotiate together towards a goal. 

Margaret explained that the business collaborates with the local charitable organisations and NHS Shetland.  It helps folk that bit extra help with specific physical ailments for example, multiple sclerosis (MS).


Lastly, I asked these questions;

What are the best things about working in Shetland? 

Community and culture.  There exists a caring community with those with long-term conditions

What does the word YASP mean to you?  

YASP is obviously a Shetland word.  It has fallen out of use, but it means to be full of health.  Folk would ask about my father, “how is your father?  is he Yasp!? 


  • You can download a self-referral form online http://www.yasp.com or email info@yasp.scot   

  • Phone contact 01595 747074 

  • You can also pop into the waiting room or leave messages in the secure letterbox outside. 

  • Margaret can arrange a home visit and go over suitability. Sometimes the service doesn’t cater for needs and YASP advised to seek treatment with the NHS.  https://yasp.scot/contact/

  • Transport is availaible with the British Red Cross from Lerwick to Scalloway only.  You have to make your way to the capital Lerwick. I blog about the helpful Britsih Red Cross – press link https://legoponics.blog/2018/03/26/island-travel-patient-ii-seeing-red  

Feedback on my legoponics.blog:

Your writing is readable, lightsome and there is some really good health information on your blog 

– April 2018 Margaret Gear  



‘Winter to Spring Puckles’

This week there was an abundance of spring snow showers.  The kind of snow showers where the snowflakes are super chunky and fall gently like a feather.  I love watching snowflakes in the very early stages it is both mesmerising and helps turn any dull landscape into a winter wonderland


However, in early April it is all too short-lived and the snowflakes melt as soon as they hit the ground.  Only on the higher grounds and surrounding hilltops keep a little white dusting of snow.  

The dark brown peat hills look like an overbaked chocolate cake with white icing sugar sprinkle on top 

If the snow is still there the next day I know it is colder than usual and my heating goes up.


Springtime in April to my observation plays the game of hide and seek with the weather elements.  For example, it can be blazing hot and sunny in the morning and then turn icy cold in the afternoon.  There are days when the heat in the home is unbearably hot or when the heat is needed it is low to very cold.  A couple of nights ago I stupidly turned all my central heating down.  The next day I was wearing more woolly garments inside than what I would wear outside!

On another night it was unbearably hot, and I forgot I left my window open during the night.  It was about four o’clock in the morning and I woke up frozen stiff!  There is never a happy medium and thankfully all my central heating is getting replaced this year by the local council.  It might not make any difference as the weather is always changeable never consistently one temperature in Shetland.

All this hot and cold malarkey plays havoc with my sleeping patterns.  Lymphoedema and warmer temperatures are not the best of bedfellows


Lastly, what are puckles that I mentioned in the heading above? Puckles are basically what I call hailstones.

According to the 2014 Edition of ‘Shetland Words’ the word puckle is defined as ‘a single grain of seed; a small quantity.  Okay, I didn’t know that until I looked it up!  

Haily-puckle is the specific definition of hail-stone.  I like many locals still call hailstones puckles only

In an odd way calling spring hailstones puckles is like saying they are like the seeds of springtime.

A puckle proverb:

Mony a puckle maks a muckle

(Shetland Words, 2014).  In English, that maybe translates into, ‘many seeds make more’.  In conclusion, I think that is very apt as it is now officially springtime in the UK.