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Braewick Beach Walk

Braewick Beach Walk – Eshaness, Northmavine, Shetland Islands 

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There are many accessible walks and endurance levels to explore in the Northmavine area of the Shetland Islands.  A great place to explore the outdoors by land or sea.

There are many spectacular coastal walks, hiking or rock climbing.  If you are a kayaking, sailing or hiring a jetski then the sea stacks, coves and, geos=inlets (Shetland word) are all equally breath taking too

Here are 2 links for more information on Northmavine: 



I love that Northmavine is on my doorstep and after a 20 minute drive I am bang in the middle of a wildlife haven.  It is peaceful and the summer meadows of chirping birds and insect life is the best sound to encounter for your ears

A great place to unwind and tune into nature and if you are camping even better.  I recommend staying at the Braewick caravan site or stay in one of their wig-wams for the fantastic views.  A great location for exploring the Northmavine area. 



The landscape is a great place to draw inspiration from that being photography, writing or sketching.  

In terms of walks I have always wanted to explore the Braewick sandbar beach.  It is located in front of the campsite and it looks over towards what is called ‘Da Drongs’ (local dialect).  


‘The Drongs’ are three sea stacks protruding from the seascape.  Last summer I was excited to see a pod of killer whales making their journey across the bay.  Sadly, they were seen by using binoculars only but it was still great to see them jump out the ocean with their black and white markings.      


What I love about Northmavine is the way the light changes the sea and landscape at different intervals throughout the summer season.  The sea at the sandbar can turn a vivid dark green against the red sand and cliff face.  At a different time with some sunsets the landscape is silver and gold in places.  I don’t think any amateur or professional wildlife photographer shall ever get bored here.  There are colours everywhere with the different coloured geology, flora or fauna too. 


Another great feature of island living are micro showers.  I was once in the cafe and one table of tourists were surprised to see on one side of the building getting bashed with heavy rainfall and then the other side the view was all tranquil.  They said they never experience that again as they lived in an upbuild urban environment.  

Whenever the weather is like that it is best to have your headlights on as it can get very dark driving through a micro shower.  Once through it you get blazing sunshine again and then you need to grab your 😎

Braewick Beack Walk   

As a lymphie walker I have access to many easy going coastal walks.  If I can’t walk I take in the views like the many coach loads of tourists. There are many visiting cruise ships that take harbour in Lerwick the capital of Shetland.  This year I was determined to reach the sandbar beach of Braewick.  I set off down a gentle slope on a sunny calm day and then I reached the freshwater pool of water.


I am not completed sure if it is freshwater as I have seen the sea waves go over the narrow sandbar.   When I made it down to the sandbar it looked very wide but I guessed it was low tide.  Next was the beach walk but it was near impossible as Tirricks (Arctic Terns) started to dive bomb.  The best thing is to ignore them and keep walking.  The previous week I watched a nature documentary where a polar bear was getting a bloody nose as consistently pecked by several Arctic Terns.  Tirricks behaviour is normal as their nests are on the ground very near coastal shores.  One thing I forgot to bring with me was a bag to collect rubbish but there wasn’t any rubbish I could see which was good.  After this walk I ate at the cafe and chatted to folk I hadn’t seen since last year.  It was a sunny pleasant day out and a pleasure to walk despite the tirricks display of aggression.  It is a good sign to see them as their numbers are on the decline or so I read and been told.  

Maybe reason for arctic tern decline are manmade?  Here are some photos I took on a walk at Stenness, Eshaness in 2015.   

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WordPress App on the go


This link was written using the WordPress App’.  


You’ll notice it is shorter 

The main features of  WordPress App features are:

  • ‘Post on the Go’ – for obvious reasons you can check on mobile when out and about like a cafe.

  • ‘Stats’ – a peek at your blog statistics.  It is handy to see what works and what doesn’t and, to see where your viewers are coming from like pin interest or other social media links.  A world map shows where your readers come from and what they are reading too.

  • ‘Push Notifications’ – Quote – ‘Keep up with your site’s activity, even when away from your desk. Check your notifications to keep conversations flowing with your followers.  Engage with the community you’ve built — with just a touch on your screen’ – ok, er I dunno not tried this feature as yet!

  • ‘Jetpack Integration’ – a feature for those that are self-hosted with a Jetpack-powered site, like a lifestyle blogger.  Quote – ‘A feature to help publish posts and connect with readers from your device of choice.

  • ‘Reader’a favourite of mine with blogging are reading other blogs that I follow. It is an immediate direct link to read. Handy to use if you know when folks are consistent or not.

  •  https://apps.wordpress.com/mobile/

  • https://wordpress.org/mobile/

The only feature missing for me are uploading pictures on the go. Unlike Instagram, Twitter and FaceBook it is immediate.  To get photos or images uploaded I do it through my laptop computer only.   To change the pixels on each photo is time consuming.  Apart from that I am a WordPress app convert. 



Knitting Distractions & Wellbeing Tip #3


I started knitting this yesterday to take my mind off my ongoing lower backache.  The major problem I find having Secondary Lymphoedema (like many lymphies) is coping with the summer heat.  A swelling time for many frolicking in the sun but I am inside mostly keeping my limb out of the sun rays! 

‘Suggested Wellbeing Tip’

Keeping cool tips are varied and the latest one suggested to me online is to buy a dog cooling mat.  

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I recently ordered this product off ebay.uk.  A buy one get one free offer.  

‘My Wellbeing Tip #3’


My wellbeing tip is to use Organic Aloe Vera gel (200ml by Aloe Pura Laboratories £4.70 ebay.uk – you can get after sun products too).  

It is best kept in the fridge so as extra cool when applying onto the lymphatic limb and simply switch on a fan.  

The floor fan I have is huge and I only ever use setting one out of three.   If on setting three the room becomes a mini tornado with stuff flying wildly around.  Less dramatic on one!   

Anyway, if your a lymphie or non-lymphie and want to cool off in summer indoors it is a good tip.  There are not many humid evenings in Shetland, Scotland but with the latest heatwave in the U.K it is very good to help keep the lymphatics cool!   

‘WordPress App’  



This is my first blog post using a mobile WordPress App’ so, hence shorter in length.  I find this app helpful if I see a grammatical mistake or needing to quickly update information.  All my photos are updated only through using a laptop computer.  My mini-review:


* * *

Coming soon a few blogs on my summer so far.  Here is a photo of wild flowers taken from a recent walk in Eshaness, Shetland Islands ✍🏼👣🙂





Simple Berry-tastic Smoothie

In this smoothie recipe I love to sweeten by using condensed milk.  My parents always stocked this especially in the winter months in Scotland. Fresh milk wasn’t always available due to severe wintery conditions. Today it is still my firm favourite over powdered milk.  The alternatives are flexible depending on your own choice be it fresh cow’s milk, semi-skinned or soya milk if your wanting plant based products only.  


‘Simple Berry-tastic Smoothie’

1.   Handful of Frozen or Fresh Raspberries or Blackberries


2.  Handful of Fresh or Frozen Blueberries or other berries of choice like cranberries

3.  (1 to 2 pints) milk of your choice or like me 1 tin of Condense Milk (397g) 

4.  Add 400g (1 tin) of Coconut milk or 200g of creamed coconut with added crushed ice, water or milk ( I add extra cold milk or sometimes crushed ice)


 5.  Using a blender (mine is an old model Kenwood New York Smoothie).   Simply blend to a smooth texture.

Make sure you crush the ice before hand some blenders do break with larger lumps of ice!  Bash with a rolling pin in a freezer bag or use an ice-crusher.  

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Pour & Enjoy your Berry-tastic Smoothie!  


Check out my PIN INTEREST for more recipes:



Rebellion, Rocking and Reading

The following story I entered into the Scottish Book Trust.  The main theme was to write a true story based around the word ‘REBEL’.

fist-rebel-story-legoponics-blog ‘REBELLION, ROCKING and READING’

In the last year I’ve somehow unintentionally managed to get two mature strangers to confess their rebellious childhood antics to me.  One nearly set fire to a small building aged ten, and the other ran off to another country with a friend at age fifteen.  These rebellious acts were relived with some amusement and even pride.  I feel my own rebellion seemed somewhat tame in comparison!  However, here is my story and it begins in my birth place: Nelson city, New Zealand in the early 1980’s. I was eight years old. 

Firstly, to help make ends meet my mother had two part-time cleaning jobs with the same boss.  She met her boss through friends at her local oil painting evening class.  


As a young child I often observed their mutual passion for the arts and crafts scene in the city.  If there was ever an art sale or gallery showcasing local artists or artisans my mother and I would go along and have a look. 

We bonded as mother and child observing different kinds of art: paintings, textiles or sculptural art forms.  To this day I still go on these art dates to help learn what is going on in the community and to honour my mother’s memory

My mother’s oil paintings were mostly landscapes or seascapes but occasionally she did abstracts.  I remember my mother showing her boss one of her abstracts, and he liked it so much that she was able to exhibit it in his public art studio at the back of his café.  This café was the site of my mother’s second cleaning job and occasionally I would tag along after school or on weekends to help.  

In Nelson there is a very thriving creative art community.  That creativity wasn’t missing from the grand house that my mother was trusted to clean.  For example, all the kitchenware was handmade: 

A variety of beautiful earthenware in neutral tones from earthy browns, blues and aqua marines.  In every room of this grand house an artist or artisan had carved, welded, weaved, painted or pottered unique items.

I remember coming across my mother cleaning a shower unit and saw to my amazement three large copper shower heads in one shower!  I often stood in awe at the way things were displayed in the interior of this family home.  The interior design was something like out of a slick alternative home and garden magazine.  It was vastly removed from my parents’ humble old-fashioned homestead.  One example was seeing many different wooden puzzles displayed in a massive bowl, instead of fruit, on a coffee table.

I was told that the black and white mock Tudor house was one of the first pioneer homesteads built in the Nelson area.  It may have been built to cater for merchants or local dignitaries around a hundred years ago.  The added feature to this grand home was the grounds; it had about one acre of mature native forest.  It became my own adventure playground and I often pretended to be an explorer. 


Sometimes I stopped and watched ants carrying leaves, listened to birds, caught colourful butterflies or swung madly from a rope before jumping off.  I loved the forest.

I was never bored when I went with my mum to the house.  I had my favourite places I’d go to, like the rope swing or the large trampoline outside.  On the rainy days I couldn’t get away with not helping my mum out with her many chores.  Being next to a forest meant many spider cobwebs and I had the job to sweep them away with a very long broom. 

One obsession that got me into trouble was in the entrance hall.  I was often deployed to polish the intricately carved, mahogany staircase. 

I vividly remember my mother giving me new yellow dusting cloths to polish with.  At our home my mum would just use my dad’s old underpants for dusting…no yellow cloths required!

The entrance hallway was huge and could easily fit my parents’ whole house!  It also contained some interesting pieces of art.  The sculpture of my obsession was the life size white rocking horse handmade out of papier-mâché and intricately decorated with pressed wildflowers in a variety of subtle colours.  It was eye catching and must have taken many hours to create.  


I was forbidden to sit on it or even clean it.  I could look but never touch any of the fragile artworks; I just had to stick to polishing the staircase and sweeping away the many spider webs.  Every time I was polishing the staircase I would look over at the rocking horse, wanting desperately to sit in the saddle, hold onto the reins and rock. 

I hatch a plan to offer to polish so as to get access to the horse and I managed to do this a few times!  I rocked that horse as if it was real!

My rebellion didn’t last that long as a family member was upstairs sleeping, and they must have heard the horse creaking and echoing in the hallway. I was scolded by my mum and after that her boss was around more often to keep a close eye on me.

To keep away from the angry adults I retreated to my forest haven to help lick my wounds of rebellion in peace!

Eventually, the owner would invite me to sit with him on his veranda and read National Geographic.


These magazines became our common ground.  He never used angry words but instead paid me more attention to read and discuss articles we found interesting.

In conclusion, my rebellion made me read more and all was forgiven!  I am forever grateful that my mum’s boss took time out of his busy schedule to help me foster some good reading habits for life! 


Story edited by SBT.  All images from Pixabay.com.  

There are many more REBEL stories to read:




Tripidio Movement Systems DVD Review


In the latest Spring issue of Lymphoedema Support Network (LSN) I read up about Tripudio:


I have never heard of Tripudio so I was curious as it focuses on the lymphatic system using gentle exercises 

I contacted Julia Williams the Co-founder of the tripudio systems to ask if I could do a review.   She kindly sent me her DVD (retailed at £15.00).  


Julia facilitates the teaching of Tripudio Movement Systems (TMS) across the United Kingdom.   She currently runs 3 modular one-day trainings:

Module 1 – Tripudio (lymphatic) flow, working one to one, lymphatic system, lymphoedema awareness, introduction to fascia. 

Module 2 – Moving Bones and Joints – from one-to-one to class instructor, stretching, planning a class 

Module 3 – Focus on shoulder dysfunction – fascia, scar tissue, breast cancer awareness, whole body awareness.    

Tripudio Flow is a sequence of movements that really immulate manual lymphatic drainage for the whole body –  Julia Williams Co-founder

On the 1st of June I watched up to 45 minutes of the 1 hour 35 minute of Tripudio DVD.  This covered the first five sections of the DVD:  

Introduction; Building Blocks; The Flow Sequence; The Seated Flow and Extended Flow


The first twenty second introduction informs about copyright and that anyone using this DVD has any diagnosed medical condition to consult their doctor before embarking on a new exercise programme.  

Then a menu comes up to ‘PLAY DVD’ and ‘SECTIONS’.  I press SECTIONS and the Introduction starts with gentle music.  An image of a seagull (similar to my-legoponics & life-tinkin logo) then the garden studios of Birdport come into view.  This is all based in Dorset county.  The DVD is easy to use and if you  have missed any particular sequences it is easy to go back and replay.   

The introduction comprises of Julia talking briefly about her education and extra learning about the lymphatic system.  After this it goes to her class from the Fullers Community.  About four individuals from the same class give their individual feedback on Tripudio classes and the benefits they have all encountered.  In summary:

Tripudio doesn’t just help those with lymphoedema but also parkinsons disease; breast cancer with lymphoedema; scar tissue problems; balance and mobility.  It helps anyone of any age who have problems with M.E; fibromyalgia; arthritis and more.   All tripudio workouts are designed for rehabilitation or those needing a gentle work out.  

In terms of my own exercise routine I can see me adding certain sequences into my current exercises.  See previous blog on my theraband exercises:  https://legoponics.blog/2018/04/19/the-awesome-theraband

Building Blocks of Tripudio Flow

In the lymphatic system there are deep lymph nodes in front of the body and the spine.  In order to access them deep breathing exercises help the lymphatics become less stagnant.  

The main two movements are ‘Breath of Joy’ and the‘Butterfly Breath’. Exercises can be done standing or sitting in a chair depending on your individual medical condition.  

‘Contact Information’



email – info@tripudiomovement.co.uk

07734511287            01308538112



Love from Shetland

‘Love from Shetland’ are a small business that produces handmade soaps and bath products with their own goats milk and a variety of oils.  The cosy new shop smells and looks great too!

 Please read the following:


‘New Location on Commercial Street’

On 28th of April ‘Love from Shetland’ re-opened their doors to customers this time at the other end of the main Commercial Street, Lerwick, Shetland.  They moved location from opposite the Queens Hotel to opposite Harry’s department store.  When I arranged to meet up with Esther Jarmson and chat about her skin products I didn’t realise it was their first day opening.  I remember it was a gorgeous sunny Saturday afternoon and from observation the atmosphere was buzzing with delighted customers young and old.  


The excitement gathered pace in the shop when the arrival of three week baby goat triplets Edwina, Flora & Daisy!


‘Connor the Goat’

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Connor is well known in the Shetland community in helping raise money for the local RNLI lifeboat.  A great worth while cause:



‘Product Information’

The first piece of information I read on ‘Love from Shetland’ was that all their soap products, quote:

go through rigorous cosmetic safety assessments to ensure that they are all lovely and safe for you to use

Their information leaflet also explains that they use no palm oil, parabens or nasty sis’s.   You’ll need to google what they all mean!  All products are made by hand by milking their goats and using up to 7 to 10 different oils in them.  

Esther goat milk soap creation is her own unique recipe.  There are no other soap products like it globally

love-from-shetland-gift-boxes- legoponics-blog
Gift Boxes

Visit ‘Love from Shetland’ SHOP for a variety of great gift ideas: 


‘Popular by Demand’

The ‘Love from Shetland’ products are very popular with cruise ships, visiting tourists and locals.  The new shop is even more visible now that they have relocated.  In terms of the local community Esther runs workshops with local children and helps them make their own bath bombs.  As a bonus they get to cuddle the goats too!  

A fun and rewarding day at school I would say!

Keep a look out for ‘Love from Shetland’ EVENTS page:


‘Soap Products’

The first soap products I was shown was the ‘Blackcurrant Seed Oil’ and ‘Marula Oil’ soaps as seen in the following slideshow:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The blackcurrant has been exceptionally good with a variety of skin conditions and is recommended by their customers.  See their positive REVIEWS on their ‘Love from Shetland’ facebook page:


The marula is a really moisturizing soap it is packed full of antioxidants that rid the skin of aging.  The only product I have used is the marula oil soap.  I recieved it as a gift last year on my birthday.  All I remember is that it lasted for ages and it is great on your skin.  

The Hand Felted soap range is explained by the following photo:


These soaps can be left in their felted pockets and used like a sponge. All the ‘Love from Shetland’ soaps are best used with a wooden soap dish with holes in it so as to air out and reuse.  These wooden dishes are sold seperately.  In the following photo is the hand made ‘oo’ gift bags.  Each ‘oo’ bag is felted by hand using Shetland wool.  They are all made by Esther mother Esme who was there to greet me when I first arrrived.  


The Shetland word ‘oo’ means ‘wool’ 

‘Bath Bombs Products’  


Lastly, the ‘Love from Shetland’ bath bomb products.  These are a firm favourite of mine.  They look great on display in their various baskets around the rustic looking shop.  They make great gifts too! 

Bath Bombs contain bicarbonate soda; citric acid; goats milk powder; avocado oil; jojoba oil; strawberry; clementine; prosecco; white lily; ginseng; blueberry and parma violet to name but a few…

To contact ‘Love from Shetland’


FaceBook page:  https://www.facebook.com/lovefromshetland/

Call 01595 697326 

EMAIL lovefromshetland@gmail.com











Pandere Shoes for Unique Soles

‘Pandere Kickstarter Campaign’

Three women entrepreneurs have started a unique shoe business called Pandere.  When I read about Pandere shoes I was only too happy to blog about their Kickstarter campaign.  I encourage you to visit here:


‘The Three Founders of PANDERE SHOES’


The three founders from left to right are Celia Crossett, Laura Oden and Ayla Rogers.  Pandere’s founder Laura Oden has *lymphedema (*lymphoedema -uk) for over forty years.  A fellow lymphie!  Laura observed a gap in the market and along with her founders came up with one of their following patents:  


This patent design expands 1.5 sizes in width and volume, giving more comfort.  Laura observed there are millions of people globally that have swelling limbs and feet due to a variety of medical conditions. They are mainly edema (chronic oedema), diabetes, pregnancy, arthritis and a host of other conditions that can affect one or both feet to swell. 

 We believe at Pandere shoes will restore dignity, comfort and mobility to people with hard-to-fit feet

Like Laura, myself and millions of individuals that have problems with lower limb swelling buying suitable footwear isn’t always easy.  

That stress of finding suitable footwear is taken away and replaced I believe by the PANDERE shoes 

In terms of my personal experience I know from working in the summer months I need to change my shoes as my limb would expand with higher temperatures.  That means two different shoe sizes to cater for one limb.  A PANDERE shoe would expand for me and my needs and, therefore a great product to purchase!    


That is the aim of Pandere shoe to put the wearer first and to help give a more stylish look as well as keep you on your happy feet longer! 

‘Pandere Aims and Future Plans’

The aim of this campaign are to raise funding for more expansion.  So far the shoes are aimed at women only but they have future plans to expand in order to cater for other genders and age groups.  That is what attracted me to Pandere shoes because I like millions of individuals worldwide need suitable shoes to live.  To order or show your support press link here:


 Only available on KICKSTARTER press link for more information:


Images from Pandere & Pixabay.com




The Cellulitis Bubble

‘Bank Holiday Bubble’

My bank holiday started by dreaming of a bank funnily enough.  It was like the one in the Harry Potter film all fortified and filled up with greedy looking miser elf’s.  I kind of went in and blew it up with lots of bombs.  Then I woke up and realised I was coming down with a cold. Strange dreams are caused by fevers and that was one of them!  Now I am on the mend and back to blogging on the tail end of this sunny or rainy (depending where you are) bank holiday weekend.  

As I started to write this blog this morning I noticed the prompt word from somewhere on WordPress was ‘bubble’.  Hence notice the overall theme is bubbles.  Anyway, I wrote out 300 plus words then decided to delete it as it was purely cathartic.  It was pure crap for a good reason.  I wrote again another 400 words and when it came to publish the opportunity had closed.  Mmh, well it is maybe not meant to be perhaps another time…     

‘The Cellulitis Bubble’

The one thing I can publish today was the toxic bubble of cellulitis I endured over four precarious days.  

I started to recover slowly but my lymphoedema leg became a celestial map of red hot drawf planets. I could have played a galactical spot-to-spot game. 

To be honest I was out of it with the fever and then the medication gave me side effects I didn’t anticipate…

What is it?


Day 1 & 2  thought I had caught a cold.  This was my first time and hopefully the last.  The chills are the worst!

From my own experience the first thing about having cellulitis is that I wasn’t fully aware I had it for the first twelve hours.  Initially I went to bed feeling the chills last Thursday night.  A series of strange dreams as mentioned before and then I woke up with a higher temperature and feeling nausea on Friday morning.  It felt like flu, but it was different.  The whole day of Friday was a wash out and I couldn’t do very much.   Then when I saw my red hot spotty lymphoedema leg around 4.40pm I immediately called for a prescription.  The chemist shut at 5pm and it was the weekend the next day!  I wasn’t in a fit state to go anywhere.  However, my partner retrieved my meds in time and I was so glad he did it!   I knew if he didn’t it would require a sixty mile round trip to the local hospital and that wasn’t where I wanted to be on that day.  The cellulitis symtoms of chills, nausea and high temperature are horrible.  I just wished I knew earlier in the day but I felt no cellulitis pain that came the next day…


Day 3 & 4 Pain and then some more pain

On Saturday morning I stood up and it felt weird and uncomfortable.  I had to use my walking stick to get about.  My lymphoedema leg was very warm and it was more swollen than usual.  It felt like my leg was filled up with warm to hot potatoes with needles sticking out when I stood up.  It felt heavy, hot but as soon as I was horizontal all the pain went.  On all four days I never put on any compression garments as advised by Lymphoedema literature I had to hand.  

In this bubble of convalescent I pondered and chatted by text to a friend about the causes.  I knew I skimp on mosturising a little and all my compression garments were clean.  I was mystified why it occured. Then it was an eureka moment and I told my friend why it occured the way it did.  I shall come back to this in another blog in the future for now it is not important to mention.   

On Saturday night my sleep was very poor and I woke up my partner many times as I ran to the bathroom trying to vomit up but nothing ever came.  It was the antibiotics they can play havoc with your stomach lining.

On Sunday morning I felt like my stomach had been in a boxing ring. My partner looked like he hadn’t slept (he hadn’t) and he slowly went off to work not noticing he had put on a dirty jumper.  A slow-mo of a morning.  The only thing I did notice that morning was that I was wearing the same colour as to what I was eating.  A splash of yellow and a healthy bowl full of bananas, honey and natural yogurt.  I may have look like a ray of sunshine but I felt like I had been sucked into a black hole and spat out again.   

In conclusion my friend said I have now officially made it into the cellulitis club!  Oh, sweet Jesus.